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Milestones : Profits Of Doom: Exxon Mobil Causes Uproar

UNITED STATES     Gas complaint: Exxon Mobil says growing consumption is pumping up its profits. A long-simmering debate boiled over last month after Exxon Mobil reported the highest earnings ever by an American corporation, topping its own record set ...


Newsmakers : US CEOs May Face Euro-Style Packages

UNITED STATES / EUROPE     With corporate fat cats’ earnings increasingly in the spotlight, particularly in these credit-challenged times, it appears that CEO remuneration packages vary markedly depending on which side of the pond they are on. According to ...

Country Report

Features: Storm Clouds And Silver Linings

<p>CANADA When Canada’s dollar reached parity with the US dollar, it was cause for national celebration. For the country’s corporations, still reeling from the credit crunch, the muscular currency is a very mixed blessing.         In recent ...</p>


Newsmakers : Businesses Prove The Benefit Of Going Green

United States     Gardner: More companies are signing up to going green. Global investors, institutions and corporates are increasingly looking to improve their sustainability profile, according to a report by the Worldwatch Institute released in January. The report, State ...


Newsmakers : Miliband Urges EU To Open Door To More New Members

UNITED KINGDOM     Miliband: The European Union should ontinue to expand to the east The United Kingdom’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, says that the European Union should gradually expand further into Eastern Europe, including Russia, as well as into ...


Features : Buyout Or Sellout?

FOCUS / CANADA FOR SALE   The buyout boom of Canadian companies is stirring intense controversy and throwing a harsh spotlight on the role of corporate executives.   As the selloff of Canada’s biggest and best-known companies reaches record levels, ...


Newsmakers : Offshoring Industry Faces New Opponent: Its Clients

UNITED KINGDOM/UNITED STATES     Divett: Offshoring IT involves hidden costs. Offshoring information technology services is an emotive subject that incites mixed responses from most companies. Although Wall Street financial firms were among the early adopters of outsourcing, sending their ...