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The Innovators 2022: Global And Regional Honors

As pandemic response continues to reshape human behaviors and attitudes, banks are strengthening in-house innovation teams and tapping broader networks to stimulate fresh ideation in financial services.


Nomura Eyes Institutional Crypto

Nomura has had a history in the digital asset market, namely through its stake inKonimanu, a digital asset custody joint venture it created with digital asset security firm Ledger and digital asset investment house CoinShares in 2018.


Stablecoins Terra, Luna Brought Back To Earth

UST’s collapse will accelerate regulatory actions toward stablecoins demanded by Jeremy Allaire, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Circle, which pioneered USD Coin, and others in the cryptocurrency community.

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Tasting The Metaverse: Q&A With Second Life Founder Philip Rosedale

Philip Rosedale was a digital pioneer in creating Second Life, one of the first virtual World's and still a leading social platform for adults. Linden Lab, Second Life’s parent company, now has two decades of experience in managing an online world, including developing a virtual currency traded globally. He talks to Global Finance about what they’ve learned and larger hopes for the metaverse.


Building The Metaverse

Big Tech, banks, telecoms–and even Hollywood–are all scrambling to own a piece of the infrastructure of the future.

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JPMorgan Logs Onto Web 3.0

Banks like JPMorgan are mostly on Decentraland—a 3D virtual world run by the nonprofit—to learn.


UK Law Agents Seize NFTs

Britain's tax authority became the first law enforcement agency in the country to seizenonfungible tokens (NFTs).

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Metaverse: Walmart Readies For Web 3.0

Walmart is finalizing its push into the metaverse, according to trademark application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office at the end of 2021.


Miami To Offer Bitcoin Yield To Residents

Miami has gotten exchanges including and eToro to relocate to the city as part of Suarez’s drive to create a crypto ecosystem and establish the city as a mining hub.

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Bitcoin ETFs Stroke Wall Street

Analysts say the cryptocurrency’s spike in price has more to do with inflation fears than pent-up demand for nascent ETFs.