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Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Growth Split

Why economic conditions are spurring growth in some regions and shrinkage in others. Conventional economic wisdom holds that countries with...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Property Cure

Remote work trends threaten debt-loaded developers, but give companies leverage to lower real estate costs.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

The Cost Of Financing

Signs of a credit crisis are going global as companies struggle to raise financing.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Chip Beef

Semiconductor competition is ushering in a new era of industrial policy, as nations vie for control of this key technology.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

The Super Dollar

With the US Fed on an anti-inflation tear, the recent surge in the world’s foremost currency is leaving few companies unaffected.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

CapEx Soars Again

Corporate spending plans are booming, with new investment in supply chains, sustainability and digitalization.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Pressure Rises With The Dollar

The rising value of the US dollar is affecting companies and economies globally—for better and worse.


Wage Shifts

Labor and material prices seem to be rising for the long-term.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Debt Gone Wild

Corporate borrowing continues to reach new highs.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Capex Takes Center Stage

Capital expenditure continues to see an acceleration from 2020 into 2021, thanks to consumer spending.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global Shakeout

In 2021, the world’s companies will back off bond buying in favor of paying down debt and making strategic acquisitions.