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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Europe: Dark Clouds Down South

While Central Europe appears to be recovering from the effects of the global economic downturn, Southeastern Europe is in for a rougher ride.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets Report: Croatia

WAITING IN THE WINGS By Dan Keeler Croatia hopes its membership in the EU will help it diversify and deepen its economy, but it could take some time for that to materialize. Croatia joined the European Union in July this ...

Award Winners

World’s Best Subcustodians 2013: Regional Winners

By Gordon Platt NORTH AMERICA Citi Lee Waite: The rules of the game are not static Citi is the largest subcustodian in the US, the world’s biggest subcustody market. The bank also has the largest proprietary network in the industry, ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Global Equity Index % Change, 2003-2012

<p>Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Global Equity Indices measure the US dollar price change in the stock markets covered by the S&P Global Broad Market Index (BMI) and the S&P Frontier Broad Market Index (BMI). The Global BMI consists of ...</p>

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

FX: Cyprus Fallout Weighs On Euro

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS: FOREIGN EXCHANGE By Gordon Platt The euro slumped to a four-month low in the aftermath of the bailout of Cyprus, as market participants worried about the implications for other countries on the periphery of the eurozone. ...

Award Winners

World’s Best Banks 2013: Europe

By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt TOUGH TIMES CONTINUE IN EUROPE Europe remains mired in recession. Apart from Germany and the Nordics, major European economies are either flatlining or, as among the southern peripherals, contracting ...


Report: Central & Eastern Europe

<p>CHANGE IS AFOOT By Paul Mackintosh Central & Eastern European countries are trying hard to differentiate themselves from their southwestern neighbors. Corporates in the region are dealing with a new playing field as many assets once owned by ...</p>

Award Winners

Awards: World’s Best Banks 2013

BRIGHT STARS By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt Following a year that included some of the biggest scandals in banking history—the London Whale, the Libor rate-fixing scandal, widespread money laundering, insider trading, rogue trading and ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Milestones: Is Slovenia Next In Line For A Bailout?

MILESTONES: SLOVENIA By Gilly Wright While the new Slovenian government dismisses Cyprus comparisons, it could soon be facing the same fate, as €1 billion ($1.3 billion) of government debt comes up for renewal in June. Photo Credits: SLOVENIA: ...