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Milestones : Britain Attempts To Solve Regulatory Puzzle

UNITED KINGDOM Turner: Getting tough. Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA), much criticized for regulatory and supervisory failings that critics say have exacerbated the country’s financial crisis, is to abandon its much-vaunted light-touch approach to regulation. FSA chairman Adair ...


Milestones : Governments Transform M&A Landscape

EUROPE PwC's Nick Page. The cross-border M&A; activity that has characterized financial services for the past few years has virtually ground to a halt as increasing government involvement radically reshapes the market. Nick Page, partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, says M&A; ...


Newsmakers : Perella Taps Into Petrodollar Boom

United Kingdom/United States Perella: Sees major opportunities Joseph Perella’s new investment firm looks well positioned to book some major deals in the Middle East. With petrodollars from around the world flooding into investments in the Gulf ...


Newsmakers : Roth Brings Down Franc

SWITZERLAND Roth: Doing the whole region a favor by pushing down the franc. Jean-Pierre Roth, the low-key chairman of the Swiss National Bank, is not the type of person you would expect to shock ...


Emerging Markets : Roth brings down franc

Jean-Pierre Roth, the low-key chairman of the Swiss National Bank, is not the type of person you would expect to shock the financial world. But that is exactly what he did on March 12 when he confirmed that the bank ...

Country Report

Features : Survival Instinct

CYPRUS Cyprus’ leaders are tackling head on the challenge of maintaining economic growth during the current global downturn.     Nicosia, Cyprus' capital, is gripping itself for an economic slowdown. Cyprus has experienced more than its fair share of ups ...


Milestones : Corporate Europe Set For Equity Rush

<p>EUROPE     Cash is costly for Hammerson, developer of this UK cineplex With headlines dominated by bank bailouts totaling billions of dollars, it’s easy to get blasé about the scale of the challenge facing the global economy. Nevertheless, a ...</p>

Award Winners


GLOBAL BANKS Corporate Bank JPMorgan Chase Consumer Bank HSBC Private Bank Credit Suisse Asset Management State Street Global Advisors Custody...


Features : A Very British Meltdown

A VERY BRITISH MELTDOWN A SYSTEM IN PERIL The swiftness of Britain’s transition from the cutting edge of innovation in banking and finance to representing the epitome of the global crisis has left many heads spinning. But in its dramatic ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Cover Story : Sustainable Progress

<p>LESSONS FROM EUROPE   Corporate comprehension of the benefits of going green is far more advanced in Europe than in the US. But America’s businesses could easily catch up.   Stark differences: Europe and the US have taken very different ...</p>