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SIBOS 2013

A GLOBAL CONNECTION SWIFT’s annual Sibos conference is just around the corner, and this year attendees will gather in Dubai. With Middle Eastern companies following the trend now seen in many emerging markets and increasing the sophistication of their ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

SIBOS 2013: Innotribe: Enabling The Finance Team Of The Future

REVEALING INNOVATION By Rebecca Brace A number of new technology solutions building a presence, thanks to SWIFT’s annual start-up challenge, hold the promise of making life easier in corporate treasury and financial management. There are plenty of ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

SIBOS 2013: Going Global And Mobile With Payments

GOING GLOBAL AND MOBILE By Karen Kroll Companies are increasingly using e-payments and looking at mobile channels. But moving money electronically cross-border can still be an issue. The ways in which organizations are paying their suppliers and business ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Annual Supplement: Technology & Treasury Management

ADAPT TO SURVIVE Being innovative is much more difficult to achieve than it is to discuss. Particularly in the highly complex, highly structured environment of the average transaction bank. Add in ever-tightening purse strings and the absolute requirement to ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Debt: Apple Polishes Financial Planning

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS: CORPORATE DEBT By Gordon Platt Apple’s $17 billion corporate bond offering was not only the largest in history, but it exemplified a clever financial strategy that will save the company billions of dollars in US taxes. ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

M&A: US Technology Deals Invigorate Takeovers

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS: MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS By Gordon Platt Technology deals—ranging from telecommunications to biotechnology and oilfield equipment—have kept the US mergers and acquisitions arena active of late. German real estate and Asian consumer markets have also attracted ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Technology & Treasury Management: Social Media

SOCIAL INTERACTION By Hilary Johnson Savvy executives can add value by under-standing how and when social media can be a tool to improve both internal and external communication. No corporate treasury department is an island anymore. This ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Technology & Treasury Management: SWIFT

WOOING THE CORPORATE AUDIENCE By Rebecca Brace Going beyond connectivity is SWIFT’s mantra to corporates these days, but can the bank-owned organization be as fleet of foot as companies would like? SWIFT’s corporate solutions were once limited ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Technology & Treasury Management: The Innovators

INCREASED COMPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION By Rob Daly Transaction banks are working hard to be more agile and innovative in meeting corporate treasury needs. Some are succeeding better than others, and those that push boundaries may ...