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In our 21st annual survey, Global Finance identifies the best banks in 150 countries and eight regions. The winners are not always the biggest banks, but rather, the best—those with the qualities that corporations should look for when choosing a bank.



Developing Asia will grow by 6.2% this year and 6.5% next, according to Asian Development Bank estimates, up slightly from 6.1% in 2013. Despite the uptick in overall growth, banks around the region continue to face challenging landscapes.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Middle East Thrives Amid Political Flux

The economies of the Middle East continue to prosper despite ongoing instability. In some cases, that instability is creating the greatest opportunities. However, any prospects for investing do come with a unique set of risks.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Cover: Emerging Markets Elections

By Laurence Neville Thirty-four developing countriesincluding all of the so-called Fragile Five nationswill have elections this year. Their results will...
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Browse additional economic indicators and data sets, selected by <em>Global Finance</em> editors, to learn more about Afghanistan economic outlook, debt to GDP ratio, international trade performance and population trends. Rankings of Afghanistan best banks and safest banks are also available.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Supply Chain: Rising Tides Of Risk

RISK MANAGEMENT By Andrew Osterland As companies expand their supply chains globally, the hazards they face—from extreme weather events to political upheavals—expand too. Managing such risks comprehensively beats rolling the dice. The lure of fast-growing markets and ...


Regional Report: Central Asia

DESPERATE TO DIVERSIFY By Kim Iskyan The countries of central Asia are working hard to become more than one-trick ponies, as each struggles in its own way to reduce economic reliance on a single growth driver. The five ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Risk Management: Emerging Markets Risks

SEEKING CONSISTENCY By Paula Green Multinationals struggle to manage business risks—such as political, reputational and tax risks—and insurance issues, as they expand their emerging markets footprint. And some of those risks are on the rise. Ace Hardware ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

M&A: European Defense Merger Called Off

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS: MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS   By Gordon Platt   A proposed $45 billion merger of European aerospace group EADS with UK defense operator BAE Systems fell apart last month just ahead of a regulatory deadline to close the deal. ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Top 25 Lists: 25 Events That Rocked The World

REVOLUTION   By Laurence Neville   The scale of the crisis that has engulfed much of the world since 2008, which—like a virus—has mutated from a financial sector crisis to an economic crisis to a sovereign debt crisis, is so great ...